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About the Company

AlphaGrep is a Quant trading firm focused on algorithmic trading in asset classes across the globe. We cover the global markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and quantitative research.

We are one of the largest firms by trading volume on Indian exchanges and have a significant market share on several large global exchanges as well. We use a disciplined and systematic quantitative approach to identify factors that consistently generate alpha. These factors are then coupled with our proprietary ultra-low latency trading systems and robust risk management to develop trading strategies across asset classes (equities, commodities, currencies, fixed income) that trade on global exchanges.

We are seeking an HPC engineer in India. As an HPC engineer, you would be overall responsible for the technical and operational aspects of high-performance computing systems. You would be responsible for the planning, implementation, availability, and performance of the HPC cluster. You would be the owner of the job scheduling infrastructure and develop the necessary API to offer a seamless experience to the users of the HPC cluster

Key Responsibilities:

    • As a file storage expert, your primary role is to oversee and manage the storage of digital files within an organization. Your responsibilities may vary depending on the specific requirements of the organization, but here are some common roles and responsibilities of a file storage expert:

    • Designing and implementing file storage systems: You are responsible for designing and implementing efficient and scalable file storage systems based on the organization's needs. This includes selecting appropriate storage technologies, such as local servers, network-attached storage (NAS), or cloud storage solutions.

    • Capacity planning: You need to assess the organization's storage requirements and plan for future needs. This involves estimating storage capacity, projecting growth, and ensuring sufficient resources are available to accommodate the storage needs of the organization.

    • File organization and management: You should establish and enforce file organization and naming conventions to ensure consistent and easy access to files. This may include creating directory structures, implementing file versioning systems, and defining access controls and permissions.

    • Troubleshooting and problem resolution: When issues arise with file storage systems, you are responsible for identifying and resolving them. This may involve troubleshooting hardware or software problems, coordinating with vendors or technical support teams, and implementing corrective measures.

    • Data backup and recovery: It is your responsibility to establish robust backup and recovery mechanisms for file storage systems. This involves designing and implementing backup strategies, scheduling regular backups, and testing the restore process to ensure data can be recovered in case of accidental deletion, hardware failure, or other incidents.

    • Performance monitoring and optimization: You should monitor the performance of file storage systems and identify areas for improvement. This may involve analyzing storage utilization, identifying bottlenecks, optimizing file access patterns, and implementing performance tuning techniques.

    • Security and access control: As a file storage expert, you are responsible for implementing and enforcing security measures to protect the organization's files. This includes setting up access controls, encryption, and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and modify files.

    • Collaboration and sharing: You may be responsible for implementing file sharing and collaboration solutions within the organization. This involves selecting and configuring appropriate tools that enable efficient and secure sharing of files among employees or teams.

    • Stay updated with industry trends: As technology advances, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in file storage systems. This includes being aware of new storage technologies, emerging security threats, and best practices in data management.

    • Documentation and training: You should document the configuration, setup, and maintenance procedures for file storage systems. Additionally, you may be required to provide training and support to employees on proper file management practices and effective utilization of the file storage infrastructure.

    • Experience ranges between 6-8 years

Why You Should Join Us

  • Great People. We’re curious engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians and like to have fun while achieving our goals

  • Transparent Structure. Our employees know that we value their ideas and contributions

  • Relaxed Environment. We have a flat organizational structure with frequent activities for all employees such as yearly offsites, happy hours, corporate sports teams, etc.

  • Health & Wellness Programs. We believe that a balanced employee is more productive. A stocked kitchen, gym membership and generous vacation package are just some of the perks that we offer our employees

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